Wind parks in France

Dirkshof has benefited regions outside northern Germany with its expertise. Dirkshof has established several wind parks located in exposed sites in France. Here, the Dirkshof team was able to use its longstanding experience in plant management due to the existence of a similar feed-in tariff law in France.

Current Projects in France:

PER1 wind park

1 x V 90 2 MW

The PER1 wind park in Rageade was launched in 2011. A V 90 plant with a capacity of 2MW delivers environmentally friendly energy for the region since mid-April 2011.

BBE wind park

6 x V 100 2 MW

The BBE wind park is located near the Rageade wind park in Massif Central in the South of France. Since January 2014 6 V 100 plants with a 2MW capacity and a hub height of 95m are on grid.

NED wind park

6 x V 90 2 MW

The NED wind park was launched in 2011 with 6 V 90 plants each with a 2MW capacity. In 2014 the management was consigned to the owner IWB Energie France.

Coren wind park

5 x V 90 3 MW Anlagen

The Coren wind park was launched in 2006. The two operating companies Fageole I and Fageole II ensure an optimal operation management of this wind park. The Dirkshof-Team was enrolled by the planning, financing, construction as well as the commissioning and the ongoing operational management of the Coren wind park. After disposal in 2011 services of Dirkshof finished.