Dirkshof builds largest single project in Turkey

Over the years, Dirkshof has contributed its expertise in the field of wind energy beyond the borders of Northern Germany to other European countries. Due to the good networking in the worldwide economy, a profitable large-scale project in Turkey could be launched.

Universal Wind Energy (UWE) - 44 Nordex N133 with 211.2 MW total output

50 km northwest of Istanbul, 44 Nordex N133 turbines, each with a rated output of 4.8 MW, will be installed on the Black Sea by the end of 2021. Since September 2020, Dirkshof has opened a branch office in Istanbul to provide assistance and consultation during the construction of the infrastructure. The final license for the project covering 49 years of energy production in the designated Catalca area was granted at the beginning of September 2020.