Reußenköge community energy park

The Reußenköge is not far from the North Sea and is the home of Dirkshof. The very site where the first wind turbine was established in 1989 has developed into big wind parks in northern Germany. Round about 90 plants of the MW-Type from Vestas, SENVION and Nordex deliver consistent energy.

The operating company implemented in corporation with neighbouring wind parks has its own substations and cable routes (on average over 10km) to deliver the energy output to the grid. Dirkshof accompanied the entire project from implementation to its present management. Managing this site is a very special to the Dirkshof team due to its proximal location.

Current repowering

In the current repowering phase of the year 2021/2022, 20 old turbines of the type Vestas and Senvion with 2.0 MW each will be removed. By optimizing the alignment, these could be replaced by 20 Nordex turbines of the type N117 with 3.6 MW  Four more Vestas turbines of type V112 with 3.45 MW were installed additionally, so that the total nominal output of the citizens' wind farm will then reach the targeted 300 MW.

Erection of the first Nordex N117 in Reußenkögen

12 V112 Anlagen with 3.45 MW each in 2020

As planned, the repowering of 13 old 2 MW class turbines, which were rebuilt and replaced by 12 new Vestas V 112 with 3.45 MW, was completed on schedule. Vestas constructed all the turbines on schedule and commissioned them by August 21, 2020. Once again, the good coordination by Dirkshof for the cooperation of all companies responsible for the dismantling, infrastructure and construction was proven.

A flight over the wind farms from north to south.

Fusion to the world largest citizen wind farm

In 2015 we saw a consolidation of 6 separate citizen wind farms in Reußenköge to one group being the basis for Repowering in this dimension and this particular efficiency of land ultilization. Considering the overall performance, Reußenköge is the world’s largest citizen wind farm. Nearly all citizens hold shares.

Roundtrip through and over the citizen wind farm

By 2021, it is planned to increase the final expansion to 300 MW, by which time 88 wind turbines will have a total annual output of about 1 billion kilowatt hours, electricity enough for 1 million people or 250,000 households, more than a third of the population of Schleswig-Holstein.