6 x Vestas V112 3. 3MW wind energy turbines with a hub height of 94m

The construction phase as well as the launch is operated - the time line of last quarter in 2014 was hold - all 6 turbines are running in wind park Jalm in Schleswig-Holstein. On this site the potential for the implementation of 6 Vestas V112 plants with a capacity of 3.3MW each was maxed-out. The corporation of local landowners provides the basic for this park. One plant is set up in the form of a community wind turbine allowing the local community to directly profit from the wind park.

The unique characteristic of this park is its location along the ‘Energieallee A7’ – Germanys longest motorway. Wind parks are planned on different locations along the entire A7. It only requires a small interruption to the natural environment due to existing disruptions the A7 presents to the natural landscape. Of additional importance to this decision was the cost-benefit of this land-based wind park in comparison to those based offshore.

Dirkshof supervises the projects from the current planning phase to the actual technical and operational management.