Feed-in Management - Redispatching

Keeping an eye on grid capacity

The reductions or shutdown of renewable energy plants due to limited grid capacity is called feed-in management. A delayed grid expansion by the grid providers can be a reason for the need of feed-in management. Since 2009 the German Renewable Energy Act offers the opportunity to invoice the grid providers for feed-in losses.
Invoicing for feed-in losses is based on the German Renewable Energy Act (§12) and the accompanying guideline provided by the Federal Network Agency. Invoicing can be based on two separate methods:
1. The ‘inclusive method” with which the feed-in losses can be calculated with a few data points from the last measured feed-in.
2. The ‘Spitzabrechnungsverfahren’, a method, which calculates the feed-in losses based on theoretical power (using the nacelle anemometer wind speed (NWS) and the wind turbine’s specific power curve).

The inclusive method is often linked to lower invoices while the ‘Spitzabrechnungsverfahren’ is so complex, that it is impossible to complete for an un-trained person.

Since June 2019, the new regulation (EU) 2019/943 of the European Parliament, the so-called regulation on the internal market for electricity, has been in force. Article 13 (7) of the Regulation says that from 1st January 2020 on, operators of power-generating facilities will get a 100% financial compensation for shutdowns due to network congestion.

From 2021 on, it is planned to control network congestions by either reducing or increasing the power feed-in in order to protect the grid from being overloaded – which is called Redispatching. There will be contractual agreements with system operators; to be fulfilled and, of course, to be examined as well. As these measures are still to be elaborated, Dirkshof started in time to participate in the discussions to support and follow attentively the legal measures. And when the law on Redispatching comes into force, we will be ready and a skilled team to market its commercial management. With our experience, we are well placed to assist you.