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Renewable Energy

German Expertise in wind energy – since 1989. Being based in Reußenkögen in Northern Germany we are the co-founders of community energy parks. Thanks to our longstanding experience and drive towards innovation for optimal wind-based energy generation, Dirkshof is one of the most recognized service providers for wind energy.

The foundations for renewable energy generation are with organic farming. Living sustainably within the natural environment is our founding principal. We will keep it this way.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Dirkshof Team.

Öffentliches Positionspapier zur AVV

Parasol spricht sich offen für fairen Wettbewerb auf dem deutschen BNK-Markt aus. In seiner jetzigen Form fördert der AVV-Entwurf jedoch weder den...

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Husum Wind 2019

30 Years wind fair in Husum. From 10th - 13th September 2019 we introduced our aviation warning system Parasol, a passiv radar based system...

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Press coverage

Dauerblinken soll ein Ende haben!

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Profi Energie - Technische Betriebsführung durch die Spezialisten des Dirkshofes

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Windkraftjournal: Anerkennung des Passiv-Radar-Systems

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  • Driven by organic principles – for long-term sustainability.

  • PARASOL, so the night will remain dark.

  • We unite organic principles and social values for long-term sustainability.

  • Our community wind turbines generates regional value creation.

  • Your reliable partner for renewable energies.

  • Whatever we start, we will conclude.

  • German Expertise in wind energy – since 1989

  • It's our word that counts.


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25821 Reußenköge