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German Expertise in wind energy – since 1989. Being based in Reußenkögen in Northern Germany we are the co-founders of community energy parks. Thanks to our longstanding experience and drive towards innovation for optimal wind-based energy generation, Dirkshof is one of the most recognized service providers for wind energy.

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100 years of Sönke-Nissen-Koog

The youngest of the Reußenköge will be 100 years old this year! Dirkshof in its current form as an innovative energy company has been around for 35...

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Direct marketing from our own battery storage facility in Reußenköge launched

ane.energy from Husum has started the connection to its virtual power plant for 8 MW/h from the new battery storage facility at the substation in...

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Press coverage

Comparing citizen participation in South Africa and German wind farms

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Sonne, Wind und Wärme: MM82 aus den Reußenkögen wird schwimmende Anlage vor Bilbao

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Südtondern Trio mit Eike Duus vom Dirkshof bei finnischer Triathlon Weltmeisterschaft

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  • PARASOL, so the night will remain dark.

  • Your reliable partner for renewable energies.

  • Your reliable partner for renewable energies.

  • Whatever we start, we will conclude.

  • German Expertise in wind energy – since 1989

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