Lower grid fees are possible!

RNI, a subsidiary of Bürgerwindpark Reußenköge, has been operating as an independent grid company since the beginning of January. One of the aims is to make electricity costs more transparent and pass them on directly to customers.....

The tireless pioneering spirit of the North Frisian team from Dirkshof is once again bearing fruit: the vision of becoming an independent grid operator has been realized at the Reußenköge community wind farm. Since January 1, 2024, the wholly owned subsidiary, Reußenköge Netz- und Infrastruktur GmbH (RNI), has been an independent grid operator. With its infrastructure, it ensures that the 100% green electricity from North Friesland is made usable for Germany and the energy transition.

The RNI grid not only serves to transmit electricity to the grid users connected within the grid, but also fulfils a supra-local supply task, which is characterized by noticeable relief up to the extra-high voltage level.

Initial calculations of the grid fees have shown that these are up to a factor of 6 lower in the medium voltage and can be passed on to customers accordingly. In high voltage, these factors are even more significant, averaging 14 depending on the price component and hours of use. In addition to the price advantages, the young company is also characterized by short distances and fast action. This decentralized form of renewable energy generation in conjunction with the infrastructure can be the new prototype of energy supply and become a multiplier for many regions.