Dirkshof will be supplier of hydrogen

The regional TV programme „Schleswig-Holstein Magazin“ presented this vision: It is planned to use the redispatched energy for the production of hydrogen which then again will feed alternative drive systems.....

Dirk Ketelsen, pioneer and visionary, has signed a cooperation agreement with the company eCap in Lower Saxony. This agreement is about the common development of an emission-free driven ultra-light-aircraft which, to start with, will be equipped with an electric motor. Tests will be run on this motor and subsequently equipped with a hydrogen tank. The motor will then be powered by a fuel cell. True to the motto: Let’s simply get started! The surplus of wind-generated electricity from the wind farm in Reußenköge shall provide the energy to produce hydrogen. To attain greater self-sufficiency in renewable energy, it is also planned to acquire a fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Link to TV programme