100 years of Sönke-Nissen-Koog

The youngest of the Reußenköge will be 100 years old this year! Dirkshof in its current form as an innovative energy company has been around for 35 years....

On June 23, 2024, there was a Colorful Farm Day in the Sönke-Nissen-Koog, to which all friends and interested parties were cordially invited to celebrate this anniversary together. The companies of the Sönke-Nissen-Koog presented themselves together at the Keetmannshoop farm in the middle of the Koog.

Dirkshof presented 35 years of renewable energies - 4 generations of wind energy with a total output of more than 113,000 kW in Sönke-Nissen-Koog alone, which were and are planned, erected and maintained by the Dirkshof team.