Our Mission Statement

We are the German Expertise in wind energy – since 1989.
As pioneers of harnessing wind energy we have a unique wealth of experience to guarantee highest expertise and successful project implementation. We strive for continuous innovation and the optimal wind-based energy generation. We combine tradition and modernity for sustainability and profitability.

It is a matter close to our hearts to create awareness for using resources responsibly and for understanding the links between energy and nature. We lead by example and show commitment for the spread and development of renewable energies. We love community energy projects because all involved benefit equally. Our social principles are based on regionalism and the support of the local community.

The principles of renewable energy generation originate in organic farming: Living sustainably within the natural environment is our founding principal. We value people and we are always honest and fair amongst our internal team and in corporation with others. We trust our vision and remain grounded and reliable while being successful. 

What we start, we finish. We are Dirkshof.