Used Plants

Old Plants– New Opportunities

Through repowering (the replacement of old plants with modern, more efficient version), a market niche has developed. The Dirkshof team has, apart from the planning and implementation of repowering-projects, specialised in the disassembly and sale of old plants. Today, Dirkshof in Reußenköge is one of the most demanded experts in this field.

Important markets for old plants are in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

Dirkshof has donated an old plant to Gambia (West Africa). This should serve to raise awareness amongst the local residents of the importance of renewable energies. Having trained African service staff, (1) the local community can benefit from the opportunities of community energy projects and (2) the plant can be of long-term use for the Gambian community.

For questions on the disassembly and sale of old plants our team is happy to provide advice. We look forward to hearing from you:

Sale of our used plants

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