Environment minister Albrecht visited Dirkshof

The environment minister of Schleswig-Holstein Jan Philipp Albrecht gave the signal to keep the nights dark.....

The environment minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Mr Jan Philipp Albrecht, accepted the invitation of the Parasol GmbH & Co. KG to give the start signal for switching off aviation obstruction lights on wind turbines in the region – and thus for keeping the nights dark. “The commissioning of systems to operate need-based aviation lights fosters the acceptance of wind energy”, Claas Arlt explained. For the company, it is very important to integrate the local citizens into its projects and to have their acceptance. In the northern part of Reußenköge community, the blinking nights have already been ended – including by means of Parasol, the passive radar system.

Jan Philipp Albrecht, the minister in charge of the energy transition, said: „For years now, we have supported and promoted binding rules in Germany to control the night-time obstruction lighting. I am particularly pleased to discover a pioneering project in Schleswig-Holstein at the Dirkshof (home of Parasol). I hope that further projects soon will follow to keep the nights dark in Schleswig-Holstein– as stipulated in the Coalition Agreement.”